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Chart of values

Summary of the Code of Conduct of the Company | Edizione 1 del 15.01.2010


Industrie Bassi S.p.A. pursues the aims as per its Articles of Association and its mission with transparency, moral integrity, honesty and respect of the truth. All the entities collaborating with the Company have to be coherent and in line with its principles when carrying out tasks on its behalf. Notably, transparency and moral integrity are defined as follows:

  • Accepting full responsibility for the consequences of our own actions;
  • Behaviours compliant with the law, with the prohibition to commit crimes or illicit activities, especially complying with regulations on safety of the workplace, on privacy, the environment, on the company’s activities and, in general, in the relations with Public Administrations; 
  • Transparent and direct communication with public bodies and other actors with which the Company woks. 

The following values are essential and need to be the benchmark for all behaviours in the name and on behalf of the Company: 



The Company does not intend to gain advantages to the detriment of Customers, but only with the legal management of clear, unambiguous, transparent contracts that recognize the interests of the parties involved. Therefore, the employees and those working on behalf of the Company shall not pursue nor gain unjust profits from Customers. 



The Company, while pursuing it mission and carrying out its daily activities, recognizes its responsibility vis-à-vis safety and health of its people, thus complying, without exceptions, with all relevant regulations and carrying out all necessary actions to reduce risks to health and safety of all those involved in the activities of the Company. 



The Company is administered and managed according to transparency and correctness principles, thus complying with all legal obligations concerning the submission of information, both in line with the Public Supervisory Authorities and any other receiver of such information. 



The Company, when pursuing its mission, commits itself to comply with the needs of the environment in which it operates. The Company, therefore, when carrying out its activities, accepts responsibility vis-à-vis the environment, complying, without exceptions, with all the relevant regulations and carrying out all the necessary activities to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. 



The Company does not tolerate any form of discrimination in relation to gender, race, age, religion, affiliation to a political party of trade unions; nor actions that may lead to physical or mental illness, isolation, exploitation or harassment for personal or working reasons, etc. by any employee or collaborator toward another employee or collaborator. 



The Company acts in compliance with its own principles and values also inside its facilities towards its collaborators. The Company, therefore, commits itself to create peaceful work environment, in which everybody can work in compliance with the law, and shared principles and ethical values. The Company gives value to the professional expertise of its employees and collaborators, supporting their training in order to develop specific skills.



The Company complies with the law and supports, within the limits of its scope, the correct administration of Justice; moreover, it requires maximum availability and collaboration of employees and collaborators with inspector from Health, Social or Supervisory Public Authorities. 



To comply with the principle of correctness and transparency, thus guaranteeing the loyalty of its investors and Customers, the Company makes sure that its employees, directors, representatives or collaborators do not act with a conflict of interests. All choices and actions by employees and collaborators of the company need to be directed to the maximum advantage of the Company (within the limits of the code of conduct and behavioural norms) and its development.



The Company, in order to comply with its principles of correctness and transparency, makes sure that its employees, directors, representative and collaborators are not actively or passively involved in corruption cases. Therefore, the aforementioned actors shall not breach obligations and duties linked to their activities to receive (or because they have already received) money, personally useful agreements or other advantages. The Company, moreover, prohibits to the aforementioned people, also in line with its own duties, to receive any personal advantage or even accept the promise of such advantage while working in the Company.



The Company, in order to protect its image and correctness of the information it released, prohibits employees and collaborators to release to unqualified external actors (apart from representatives of the Public Authorities) declarations on behalf to the company, about information that was defined as confidential or information regarding the Company whose release may damage the Company itself. 



In order to have a correct interpretation and application of the aforementioned chart, the Company drafted the “Code of Conduct and Behavioural Guide” for all those collaborating with the Company when carrying out their activities. The company also implemented a Supervisory Authority which supervises, observes, checks and updates the “Organizational Model” in compliance with Leg. Decree 231/2001. The Authority shall not interfere with the actions and responsibilities of other subjects or bodies in charge of the control of the Company. In order to monitor compliance with the “Code of Conduct and Behavioural Guide”, the email: odv@bassiluigi.com was created to communicate any potential or real breaches to the aforementioned Code.


San Rocco al Porto, 15th January 2010.

                                                                                                                               On behalf of the BoD, the Chairman